Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Nex-Gen team member performing window replacement in Fort Collins.

Wondering whether your windows need replacement? As windows age, all sorts of problems begin to arise, some more subtle than others—and if you’re not thinking about it, you may take these problems for granted and allow them to go unchecked until they cause problems bigger than a bit of draftiness or a sticky window.

So, to help you figure out whether your windows are ready for a replacement, let’s look at a few common signs of problem windows.

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills start to go up, despite adequate insulation, an efficient HVAC system in good condition, and good weatherstripping, your windows may be the culprit. Even the highest-quality windows from bygone years fail to insulate as well as modern technology, and that’s before considering the possibilities of warping, thinning glass, and other problems amplifying the gap between modern and older window glass.


Of course, energy inefficiency isn’t always invisible or undetectable outside of your electric or gas bills. Aging windows can introduce terrible drafts to your home, which no amount of weatherproofing or weatherstripping can prevent. This is because the components of an aging window will not fit together tightly enough, with your home and with each other, to keep the wind outside.

Visible Damage

Obviously, if you can look at your window and see problems, it’s probably time to upgrade. Make sure to check your windows inside and out for physical damage; while some of these problems can be serviced without a full replacement, others will warrant at least replacing the window in question.


Condensation is a great sign that it’s time to upgrade. Modern windows are designed with insulating glass to prevent air from flowing in and out, which reduces condensation. Increased condensation can mean your older window’s seal is starting to weaken, allowing for a mixture of air temperatures near the surface of the glass.

Difficult Operation

Old windows often won’t open or close smoothly no matter how much you work, clean, and lubricate them. This is probably because they have warped in the frame—a problem that can’t be resolved without extensive repairs or a replacement.

Aesthetic Issues

If your home’s windows are an eyesore—even if they’re in great shape for their age and cause no problems with your comfort or energy bills—it’s still worth considering replacing them on aesthetics alone. New windows can have an incredible impact on your home’s appearance, and old windows can hold back your home’s potential value far more than you’d anticipate. Choose new windows, and make your home look the way you truly want.

Contact Nex-Gen for Window Replacement Services

If you’re in the Northern Colorado area near Fort Collins or Denver, and you’d like to find out more about the process of replacing aging windows, ask for insight into whether your windows need replacing or get started on a window update immediately, then you should reach out to the team at Nex-Gen Windows and Doors.

Our expert team can help guide you from start to finish on your window project with as much transparency, honesty, and emphasis on customer satisfaction as possible.

To speak with a team member, call us today at 970-517-3931 or reach out to us online.


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