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Door Installation, Window Replacement, & Siding Services in Greeley, CO

New exterior fixtures keep your home well-protected. Modern windows, doors, and siding have the newest technology for durable strength and energy efficiency. They also make your home look great, especially if they’re professionally installed by the experts.

Window Replacement Service

Windows are built to last a long time, but they aren’t built to last forever. Small cracks and separation between your exterior walls and the window trim will start to grow. Window glass will develop scratches or build up cloudiness between the panes.

Even without visible signs of damage, older windows are a bad fit for your home. They lose a lot of energy through poor insulation. A poorly handled original installation can make the problem even worse.

When Nex-Gen installs your windows, you know you’re getting a high-quality installation. Our experts focus on using the right sealants and flashing to prevent leaks. They also ensure the windows are perfectly aligned with your home’s walls so they stay strong for years to come. With Marvin windows, you can also enjoy high ENERGY STAR ratings, double-paned glass for temperature control, and a durable frame.

It’s time to replace your windows if:

  • You can feel a draft near the window seams.
  • Water damage is building up from leaks or damaged sealant.
  • You have single-pane windows.
Window Door & Siding Installation

Door Replacement

Your door is one of the first things visitors and potential homebuyers see when they reach your front stoop. Replacing your front door boosts your home’s curb appeal. It also helps reduce the risk of drafts and water damage. Old doors tend to warp and degrade over time, especially if they are wood or aluminum. The seals around sliding patio doors can also break down and let too much conditioned air escape.

Nex-Gen’s Infinity by Marvin fiberglass doors are a great new addition to your home. The treated fiberglass frames can handle both seasonal temperatures and physical impact without warping. You can also choose from a wide range of styles, designs, and colors for your exterior and patio doors. Even better, Nex-Gen focuses on high-quality installation. You don’t have to worry about improperly sealed seams, gaps, or friction points from improper hanging.

A new door is always a great way to update your property. But you should also look into replacing your home’s doors if:

  • Your doors are part of the home’s original construction.
  • You can see or feel gaps near the perimeter of the door.
  • You want doors that can make your home more energy-efficient.

Siding Service

Your home’s siding has to stand up against a lot of damage. It protects your house from water damage, physical impact, insects, and more, but older siding can’t do its job as well as modern constructions. Older siding can also develop cracks from prolonged exposure to UV radiation and wear and tear.

LP SmartSide siding is stronger and lighter than traditional siding materials. It has fewer seams to allow moisture past its protective barrier. It also comes with a Diamond Kote pre-finish warranty, and the top coat is designed to better protect your home against impact and damage.

If you want strong siding for your home, look for lighter weight and longer siding boards for a smooth, seamless look. LP SmartSide also has advanced wood grain patterns and designs so you can give your home any style you want.

If your siding is damaged, it can’t do its job. Replace your home’s siding when:

  • You see signs of mildew and water damage.
  • There are cracks, gaps, or widening seams in your siding.
  • You want siding that can better insulate and protect your home from bad weather.

Nex-Gen Exteriors is here to help give your home better protection against the elements. If you want to replace your home’s windows, doors, and siding, we have the materials and expertise to install the materials you need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if your property is in Greeley, Colorado, or the surrounding area.

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