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Infinity From Marvin Double Hung Windows


Double Hung Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins & Colorado Springs, CO

Choosing to install or replace upgraded windows in your home can improve your home’s energy efficiency while reducing thermal transfer. A popular upgrade Fort Collins families choose is double hung windows. These windows provide homes with enhanced form and function while also being more affordable than most other window installation and replacement projects.


At Nex-Gen Windows and Doors, we carry a wide variety of double hung windows in various shapes, styles, colors, and materials for a truly personalized installation and replacement experience. Carrying the industry’s top-rated brands and products, our team has everything you need to bring enhanced beauty and functionality to your home.


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What Are Double Hung Windows & How Do They Work?

An adaptation of their single hung counterparts, double hung windows are equipped with two sashes — also referred to as “operational panels.” In single hung windows, panes can only be moved in one direction to open and close, with most windows lifting up to open and pushing down to close. Double hung windows, however, enable dual functionality, meaning both panes can be moved up and down to open and close.

These windows are extremely versatile, with installation being a suitable choice for virtually any area of the home. They also come in a wide variety of colors, materials, and styles, giving homeowners endless customization opportunities to match their ideal home aesthetic. Nex-Gen carries all of the double hung window options you need to create a truly personal visual appeal.

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Window Cleaning Made Easy

Unlock and raise the sash slightly.

Press the tilt release button and slide the lock lever over the button.

Tilt the sash into the room for easy cleaning without screen removal.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows in Fort Collins Homes

Double hung windows are an excellent option for those seeking to bring additional benefits to their home. When you install double hung windows in your Fort Collins home, you’ll notice the following advantages right away:

  • Maintenance: Because they can be easily moved in either direction, double hung windows are much easier to maintain and clean.
  • Ventilation: Double hung windows provide incredible ventilation due to their ability to open in either direction.
  • Style: Available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials, double hung windows provide homeowners with more aesthetic versatility.


When you’re ready to introduce double hung windows into your home, contact the team at Nex-Gen to explore your options. Our team carries the industry’s top-rated brands and products to provide you with the best double hung window options available. Our professional installation and replacement crew will always ensure a perfect fit for your new windows, taking careful measurements of your living space to bring enhanced beauty and performance to your home.


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Contact Nex-Gen Double Hung Window Installation & Replacement in Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins families know that when they need window installation or replacement, there’s no better team than Nex-Gen for the job. Offering a wide variety of styles, colors, materials, shapes, and sizes, we have all of the top-rated window solutions you need to bring improved aesthetics and functionality to your home.


Easily achieve dream home status when you call to schedule your double hung window installation or replacement service with Nex-Gen today.


1. Expert Consultation

A Nex-Gen windows and doors expert will provide a complete consultation to determine your specific needs — including climate considerations and other factors. They will answer all your questions and provide a detailed, custom project quote based on your specifications.

2. A Perfect Fit

We’ll review your order, measure your openings and verify your installation needs. Your windows will then be built to your exact needs and measurements.

3. Seamless Installation

We’ll remove and dispose of your old windows, and replace them with your custom Infinity windows.

4. Built for Life®

From our Limited Lifetime Warranty to unparalleled customer service, we go above and beyond to ensure your windows provide a lifetime of optimal performance.


Through decades of working with homeowners, we’ve refined a process that works well for our customers and upholds our standards for transparency, exceptional service, and customer support. From the initial point of contact to the final walk-through, we honor your needs and wishes, respect your time and your property, and focus on delivering results you’ll love.


Let’s Begin

We start with a phone call to collect information about your home, your replacement needs, and your goals. Every project is unique; we learn as much as we can upfront to ensure a successful remodel experience.



We visit your home to get a first-hand look at the project and to familiarize you with our process. We discuss products and innovative solutions, and provide a transparent cost vs. value analysis and detailed proposal.



Our Elite Window Experts take meticulous measurements to ensure a smooth installation. Accurate window measurements also maximize energy efficiency and protect the aesthetics of your home.



You stay informed with periodic updates via phone, email or text. Scheduling changes are sometimes unavoidable due to the manufacturer’s date changes or inclement weather. We keep you posted in real time.



Our installers come and go with minimal disruption to your routine. No need to leave your home; most installations are completed in 1-2 days. Our crew members receive special training and pass background checks.



Upon completion, the lead installation tech does a walk-through final inspection. He provides operating instructions for your new windows and doors and reviews the warranty information.


Let Us Know

We ask that you complete a survey as the final step in our process. Collecting feedback about your experience keeps us on our toes. If we didn’t meet your expectations, we want the opportunity to make it right.


We spent a lot of time researching different brands of replacement windows and Marvin Infinity was by far the best and we are very happy with our new windows! Nex-Gen did a great job of keeping us informed during the order/build process; the installers were meticulous and were extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

They cleaned up the “mess” (created by the stucco exterior we have) both inside and out and even cleaned the windows for us. I would definitely recommend Nex-Gen and Marvin Windows!!!

Jeff R.


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