Anlin Windows
and Doors

Anlin Windows & Doors is a leading window company that makes

energy-efficient replacement windows and doors and has the best

warranty in the industry.

Our first priority is to honor that trust by providing: 

  • Energy efficient vinyl windows and doors made in the USA
  • Leading-edge energy-saving technology
  • Outstanding noise reduction and insulation
  • Exceptional quality, design and beauty
  • The top replacement window and door manufacturer
  • 5-Star Consumer Rated Service and Warranty
anlin windows and doors

Anlin Windows & Doors is a replacement window manufacturer and has 

been an industry leader for over 30 years. Anlin is recognized for 

manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient replacement windows 

and doors and is dedicated to delivering quality products that are designed 

to perform and exceed expectations.  At Nex-Gen, we specialize 

in installing the Anlin Del Mar Window that offers beauty and superior performance in energy efficiency, operation, and noise reduction. 

Available only from Anlin Del Mar Gold Star Dealers.

Anlin Replacement Windows
in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs

Anlin SunMatrix

4-Layer LOW-E COATING Anlin has the only real continuous internal 4-layer Low-E coating system on the market. Anlin SunMatrix gives you the best solar performance during the hot months, keeps you warm in the winter, and goes above and beyond what Energy Star requires in all US climate zones.

Anlin Quad-Lock

4 Point Locking Hooks     The Quad-Lock locking system is the newest and best way to keep our Anlin Malibu patio doors safe. The Quad-Lock system is an optional upgrade that gives your sliding patio doors two more heavy-duty hooks for a total of four locking points. This makes your doors safer and gives you peace of mind.

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Superior Products

There are several factors to consider when selecting new windows – materials, durability, efficiency, and maintenance, just to name a few. Here in Colorado, where hail and other bad weather are common, it’s important to be prepared. Here in Colorado, where we often have extreme weather and hail, it’s important to buy something that will last. 

That’s why we’re so proud of our Anlin replacement windows. Our windows come with a warranty that extends as long as you own your home – something that’s not offered by many other window manufacturers. So if you’re looking for a window replacement in Colorado, be sure to give us a call. We know you won’t be disappointed.

Along with an extended warranty, here’s what you can expect from your new Anlin windows: 


While many build their businesses solely on the reputation of the products they provide, we at Nex-Gen Windows and Doors understand that the effectiveness of your windows relies on more than just the windows themselves. 

It is estimated that

65% of service-related issues involving prematurely failed windows are related to improper installation

This means that you could unknowingly invest in quality windows only to find that the installation was less than effective, therefore significantly lowering the life of your windows and your return on investment. 


We’ve heard countless stories of competitors who installed windows using shortcuts, caused unnecessary damages, or left a mess behind.

Our job is not over until your windows are properly installed, your space is properly cleaned, and you confirm that we have met or exceeded your expectations.

Our Promise to You

What immediately sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to:


Follow best practices

1 (1)

Not cut corners on installation costs

1 (2)

Use proper 

flashing methods

1 (3)

Prep the space to avoid damage to your property

1 (5)

Clean any mess both inside and outside your home

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