How Can Diamond Pre-Finishing Offer a 30-Year, No-Fade Warranty?

Better Paint

The paint utilized by Diamond Kote is engineered specifically for each substrate and designed to be applied in a factory setting by computer-calibrated sprayers. The sprayers break down the paint as it is applied to ensure better adhesion and durability. The paint itself is made with naturally derived pigments such as iron oxide and carbon, combined with 97% pure Titanium Dioxide and 100 acrylic polymers. The vibrant colors withstand fade better than any on the market.


Better Process

The process ensures that every inch of every board receives two uniform coats of finish. This process helps retain the beautiful wood grain profile of the LP SmartSide.


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Our Clients Love the Nex-Gen Experience


These craftsmen (Nex-Gen Exteriors) came highly recommended by a neighbor. The Nex-Gen installers and finishers were meticulous in their work and a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. Clean, organized and efficient teams. Our thanks to Ted, Brent and their installation/finisher teams.


Richard N.

Advantages of LP Smartside over Fiber Cement Products

  • Impact Resistant
  • NASA report: evaluations of impact damage of two types of commercial siding
  • More Realistic wood grain pattern vs Fiber Cement Products
  • Easier to Install
  • Lighter per foot and stronger than fiber cement
  • Easier to carry and requires no special tools to install
  • Up to 33% Fewer Seams
  • Comes in 16′ lengths vs fiber cement 12′ lengths resulting in fewer seams
  • Better Warranty
  • 50 year substrate warranty vs 30 year substrate warranty
  • 30 year Diamond Kote Pre-finish warranty vs 15 year ColorPlus Pre-finish

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