Everwood Infinity from Marvin Window Installation in Fort Collins & Colorado Springs, CO

Nex-Gen windows are available in different sizes, types, styles and options. All Nex-Gen windows and doors consist of wood brick mould casing. You can customize the casing as per your requirements.

Replacing Your Wood Windows with Infinity EverWood

Infinity EverWood windows offer the look and feel of wood without many of the different problems you encounter with real wood windows. EverWood windows are made with inorganic materials, and therefore will not absorb moisture, expand, contract, or decay over time.


Instead, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of these durable replacement windows year after year. Customize your windows by staining them just like real wood to compliment any existing interior wood work in your home.

Both Nex-Gen Home Exteriors and Marvin value partnerships with companies who offer a mutually beneficial relationship and have like-minded backgrounds.


Marvin is highly selective in choosing business partners; they must be independent, locally-owned installing retailers to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible.


There is a benefit to our customers in this partnership because of the balance between a local company and a nationally renowned brand. As the local company, Nex-Gen has the local expertise of the community, and we know how to serve our customers and provide a quality experience from our first meeting to the install and post-closure experience. On the other hand, as a national company, Marvin knows how to build a quality product that will last a lifetime, and provide that value to our customers.


Together, Marvin and Nex-Gen Home Exteriors are a winning combination that better serves our customers.


We are a local company, backed by a national firm, with deep roots in the community.

Our room is much warmer (when it’s cold outside) than it was before. And the guys who did the installation were really good – professional, courteous, and they knew exactly what they were doing. Very happy overall and would highly recommend Next-Gen for new windows.


Rick B.

Improving your home, protecting your investment