DIY vs Hiring a Pro


Replacing your windows in your home can sometimes be a difficult topic for homeowners. Do you know the number one reason homeowners neglect to replace their windows in the first place? After twenty plus years in the window replacement business, we can confidently tell you homeowner neglect replacing their windows because of the replacement process itself! Obviously, there is something to be said about the financial benefits of pulling up your bootstraps and replacing the windows on your own. But do the potential financial benefits outweigh the time you spend on replacing and maintaining the windows you replaced on your own? That question we’re going to tackle today as compare: Replacing your home windows. DIY vs Hiring a Pro.


In this conversation, we’re going to tackle four of the major topics homeowners need to address when deciding whether to replace the windows themselves or hire it the replacement process out to a team like Nex-Gen:

  • Benefits of Post Warranty
  • Time vs Money and Actually Savings Gained
  • Taking Advantage of Experience and Best Practices
  • Products available to homeowners versus Trade experts


Benefits of post warranty

A big benefit to the post warranty provided by Nex-Gen is the Certified installation that comes with every home window replaced. For every homeowner that replaces a window on their own, they’re required to go through the manufacturer’s installation checklist. During that checklist, if the manufacturer deems you installed your window improperly, they can voice the product warranty on your window altogether. They will determine that the window was not a premature failure and actually improper installation.


When you partner with Nex-Gen to replace your windows, we work with the homeowner to go to the manufacturer to help with the warranty. They also don’t have the ability to say it wasn’t installed properly because it was done by our certified staff. We install our homeowners’ windows correctly every time. There are no more excuses on behalf of the manufacturer to not excuse the warranty. With Nex-Gen you receive full protection for your window’s product warranty.

Time vs Money & Actual Savings gained

This means you need to compare our trained window replacement staff (who do this as a profession) with a handy DIY homeowner that most likely has never replaced windows before. We earn our homeowners’ trust based on our efficiency. It is typical for us to replace 10-12 windows in one day. Compare this to a homeowner averaging one window replacement a day, the time it takes to replace the windows in your entire household could take months or a year. This also means you take a serious amount of time off work to take care of the home replacement project. Using valuable paid time off to install windows instead of using it for a well-deserved vacation. And while it can also be demoralizing being stuck troubleshooting issues with the DIY project, you can gain peace of mind with professionals like Nex-Gen completing the job for you in 1-2 days (depending on how many windows need to be replaced of course!).

Take advantage of our Experience in best practices

The cruise ship that’s stranded out on the sea because they can’t operate. You are investing in us to make sure we don’t do what not to do. By taking advantage of the expert, you are utilizing us for the end result. Protecting yourself from water management and future damages to your home because it was installed properly. Improper installation is the number one reason homeowners have turned away from manufacturers from fulfilling the warranty. And worse yet, if you get new windows fulfilled from your product warranty, you’re unfortunately stuck to replace the windows yourself.

Products available only to expert tradesmen

The quality and level of integrity of the products we’re getting our hands on are also second to none. When you go through Nex-Gen Windows and Doors, we’re the only company that has access to Infinity by Marvin Windows in all of Northern Colorado. Manufacturers are only giving professionals the quality material that will last. And these are materials that are not on the shelf at a regular store. Keep in mind, you cannot special order this or get this at your local hardware store for these four products. So you must take the risk of determining: Do I want to go to home depot and trust a product I know nothing about? Or do I go to a certified team of professionals who have been doing this for 20 years and have access to the best products for my windows available?

Post Install Support

Homeowner Statistics clearly show that DIY home installs will notice a warranty failure of about 90% of home installations come within the first 2 years. These failures are done because they don’t rely on the professionals to take care of the install for you. Nex-Gen will provide 24-hour response time from our team. We’re on call and will give you the peace of mind you’re after for your home. And if there is a problem you don’t know the answer to, you will have a team you can call to expertly find the root of the problem for you and get it taken care of.

When it comes to comparing the options of replacing your windows yourself or with Nex-Gen, the results speak for themselves. We want to save you time, money, proper installation, and peace of mind. Those are all guarantees you will receive when you partner with Nex-Gen!

Be sure to drop us a line or shoot us an email if you have any other questions for your windows!