How to Choose Between Insert & Full Frame

Insert vs. Full Frame Windows: Making the right choice

In the window replacement industry, there are several different industry-standard methods to replace windows. Since homeowners may only replace their windows once in the lifetime of their homeownership, it can be difficult to know the right route to go for their window replacement. In this article, we’ll help guide you in understanding some of the different terminology Window replacement companies use to describe the window replacement service they’re offering. After this, you’ll be able to recognize when service providers are providing a full suite service or a bare minimum route with window replacement. The biggest takeaway from this article is to make sure you don’t get oversold on a service when you’re receiving the bare minimum for the window replacement. The determining factor can usually be found in the difference between a full-frame replacement versus an insert replacement. Here is how you can spot an insert replacement:


  • Most companies don’t want you to know too much about it. Insert application from a turn-key. This is only designed to replace the operating sash of the window (primarily for a wood frame). It’s more cost-effective to leave the main frame, keep a window inside of that, and replace the insert.
  • Inserts are important for homeowners to know about because companies cut corners by saying it’s a full window replacement when they’re only replacing the glass insert. So it creates better margins for the company, they can charge you the regular amount, and get away with saying they’ve completed a full window replacement, when in fact they haven’t.
  • So as you work with a window company, this is the proper terminology to understand the difference between an insert and a full-frame.
  • If you’re having a hard time figuring out what you’re being sold, pay attention to whether or not the company is giving you options to choose from. If there is only one option to choose from for a window replacement, that is a good sign for a red flag.

As a full frame replacement specialist, Nex-Gen’s approach to the homeowner is to present options in terms all homeowners can understand. We take a professional perspective that can be sometimes complicated and simplify it so the homeowner is empowered to make the right window replacement choice for their home. This includes options on price, product specification, performance, and aesthetics. We cover the entire spectrum on what needs to be covered for the most professional window replacement in Northern Colorado.