Is A DIY Project Really Worth It?

Is A DIY Project Really Worth It?

A do-it-yourself project is a great way to save money when remodeling different parts of your home. Each year, more and more people make the trek to their local home improvement store to purchase items and the tools to install them. Kitchen cabinetry, home appliances, and windows seem to be popular DIY projects.

While we’re not against DIY projects, we believe that there are some areas that cutting corners may not be such a good idea. Windows are one them. For windows to be effective and maintain their durability over time, the proper techniques need to be implemented when fitting it into your home. Having your windows professionally installed would be the best choice.

Saving money in the short-term is appealing to those budget-minded people, but is it worth it in the long run? According to independent market studies, 65% of service-related issues for windows are due to improper installation involving shortcuts, faulty sealants and improper flashing methods.

Why Proper Installation is Important

Improper installation leads to more damages than just the window. There are other underlying issues that can arise causing more dents in your wallet that you weren’t expecting. Some of these issues can be:

  • Air Leakage: Air can leak through the window, causing your heating/cooling system to work harder at maintaining the set temperature.
  • Water leakage: Rain pelting the window can come in through cracks and gaps that weren’t properly sealed. The wooden framing will start to rot and could invite other pests, like carpenter ants, who are attracted to moist, wooded areas. They can cause a great deal of damage if they’re left unchecked.
  • Mold and Mildew: Water seeping in where you can’t see it will ultimately lead to mold and mildew. This is not only harmful to the window’s structure, but also to your health.

DIY vs. Professional Installation of Windows

Installing your windows by yourself only saves money on the installation. If you’re not an expert, you run the risk of improperly hanging the window, which will cause damage in the future. To repair the damage, it will cost you more money out of your pocket. So although DIY projects seem like an appealing way to save money, it can turn into a larger expense than doing it professionally in the first place.

A professional installer knows how to install windows with precision. At Nex-Gen Home Exteriors, we stand behind our service and will make sure your window installation is done right the first time. We take a great deal of pride in our workmanship, so we offer our Peace of Mind Protection Warranty to fix any problems that may arise due to the installation of our products. Whether you’re remodeling or in need of a few replacement windows, contact us today to experience our exceptional customer service and learn more about our window products.

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