Proper Window Operation


This is a great topic for homeowners trying to figure out how to properly operate and choose the best windows possible for your home. This topic is important because figuring out how to properly operate your windows could be one of the most frustrating parts to the window replacement process. We will be addressing Why having an ease of operation with your windows matters for your every day living


Updated windows are mechanically balanced with updated 2020 technology. When they’re shut, they’re shut. When they’re open, they’re open. It seems like a simple concept, but how many homeowners haven’t experienced this with their windows? Not only can it bring unwanted cold or hot air into your home, but it can skyrocket your electricity bill on a monthly basis. As we continue to talk to homeowners about their windows, proper window operation is one of the biggest reasons why they look to replace their windows in the first place The value of going through a partner like Nex-Gen is our window warranties make sure your window operation runs smoothly for over 10 years. When they’re open, they’re open. When they’re shut, they’re shut. Guaranteed.

You’ll also have a team to help with technical issues if anything happens to your windows in the next ten years. Without a team like us, you’re on your own if you take care of your windows with yourself or another team that is most likely unresponsive.


An important operation standard for windows is ball bearing teflon rollers: Ball bearing teflon rollers allow you to open the larger windows effortlessly. Many of the times with just one finger. They’re also designed to never wear out. Whether it’s your kids or elderly parents, our ball bearing teflon rollers make it easy for anyone to operate your home windows.

With the combination of mechanically balanced technology and integrated ball bearing teflon rollers, updated windows in 2020 will provide a smooth and seamless experience for Northern Colorado homeowners. With Nex-Gen, you will never have to worry about your windows again. They’ll become a highlight of your home you actually want to show off to your friends and family.

Be sure to drop us a line or shoot us an email if you have any other questions for your windows!