Henricks Ebony Unit


For many of our homeowners, a quick window replacement process is all that is needed. For others, a massive renovation is necessary to truly impact the equity of the home. For our homeowners at the Henricks Ebony Units, a massive update was needed.


With 1960s aluminum single pane windows, the homeowners need to properly update the home to code requirements without having to significantly change the structural layout of the home.


They saw the window replacement upgrade as an opportunity to seriously upgrade the look of their home to match the modern feel they were after. For them, the single pained windows offered by Nex-Gen not only were complimentary, but were essential to making their desired look a reality.


After the star of production, the homeowners ran into a code requirement issue. Many of the units’ layout had upstairs bedrooms. When the home was originally built, they didn’t know about the standard building code requirements that had been updated since the home was built.


Nex-Gen saw that there needed to be necessary code (Egress code requirement, Standard building code, etc.) upgrades to the upstairs home. By addressing the issue head on with the homeowner, we were able to educate them on the proper code requirements, come up with a practical and affordable solution, all while being able to still maintain the look and feel of the home they were after.


There was also an interior design element to the window replacement process as well. We were able to collaborate with the homeowner on a handful of different problems to solve to fulfill the interior design goals they were after as well.


We love this story because it shows that every window replacement project has unique challenges to overcome to make sure the outcome is up to the top standards of the homeowner. With Nex-Gen, we’ll make sure to tackle the project and all it’s challenges head on to create the most professional window replacement finish for your home.

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