Protecting Your Home During Installation


One of the big reasons homeowners try to replace their windows themselves initially is because they feel they can control how protected their house will be during the replacement process more than a service company could. Rightly so, many homeowners have heard horror stories of service companies coming to their home and leaving it in terrible shape after the job is completed. With Nex-Gen Windows and Doors, we understand the homeowner’s hesitancy to let a service company come in, replace their windows, and respect their home.


It is with this in mind is why Nex-Gen has separated itself as the top rated window replacement company in Northern Colorado. Yes our products (Infinity by Marvin Windows) are superior. But our customers refer us time and time again because of the exceptional service and respect we give to their homes before, during, and after the replacement process is complete.


To give you some insight into our installation protection process, here are the safety measures we take to protect your home while installing your new windows.


To make sure we take extra precaution with our safety measures, here is a list of the different ways we protect your home during the window replacement process:

  • Containment barriers
  • Drop cloths in every room with a window replacement
  • Tarps on the outside of the house to protect from debris.
  • We lay out runners throughout the house hallways and walk area.
  • Plastic is put over every piece of furniture that could be affected during the window replacement process.
  • We also understand how to take care of the home even when the outside elements aren’t favorable. We implement Neoprene runners and always adjust to the home environment to make sure the home is safe.


On the outside of your home, we protect decks, bushes, and any items you feel need extra protection. Since we talk to you about our protection process we replace your windows, we will give you the time you need to address what needs to be safely protected.


And when we complete our final walkthrough, we will:

  • Inspect the interior and exterior of the windows to make sure everything is clean and up to our standard of excellence.
  • Go through the operation of your newly installed windows and educate you so you feel comfortable with your new installations.


All of this is done with same day installation. Many of our homeowners greet us in the morning before they head to work. And by the time they come back home from work that day, they have new windows and can’t even tell we’ve been the home.


This level of home protection and service during the installation process is the Nex-Gen difference. And it’s the reason homeowners continue to refer us to their friends. We would be honored to discuss any questions you have about how we protect your home during the window replacement process!

Be sure to drop us a line or shoot us an email if you have any other questions for your windows!