How Does High Altitude Affect Your Windows?

With such a vast terrain of dramatic landscapes, Colorado is a beautiful place to live, with the views to match. However, homes located in higher altitudes will experience some differences in regular wear and tear that are important to take into consideration when building. When searching for new windows, whether you are building a new home or giving your home a face-lift, it is important to understand how higher elevations can affect certain products.

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The Effects of High Altitude on Windows

Most modern windows have been optimized for energy conservation by using a double- or triple-pane glass system that has a gas filling in between the panes for additional insulation and a reduction in the heat energy that is transferred through the window. Unlike our bodies, windows cannot self-regulate according to pressure changes. When these gases, such as argon, are exposed to changes in pressure from higher elevations, they can begin to expand, which can cause structural problems, including:

  • Pane cracks or shattering
  • Warped frames
  • Broken window seals
  • Compromised structural integrity

In order to ensure that your home’s beautiful Colorado view isn’t compromised by window damage or pane clouding, it is helpful to understand what products are the best fit for your home.

The Best Windows for High Altitudes

When choosing your windows, there are two key things to consider: where does the window come from and what features make it resistant to pressure changes? Let’s get started!

Source Your Windows Responsibly

Most window products are manufactured in locations below 1,000 feet, which is not ideal for homes above 5,000 feet in need of windows. When dealing with higher altitude homes, one of the first go-to responses for window installation contractors is to source windows from local manufacturers. This means that the windows themselves would not undergo as much stress from dramatic changes in pressure during the shipment process.

While this may be effective if you have reputable, high-quality manufacturers in your area, this will not be a perfect solution for everyone. At the end of the day, it all comes down to product quality.

Features to Look For

Thankfully, the options are seemingly endless when it comes to windows. The market is flooded with windows that can satisfy form, function, and style.

For high-altitude homes, people generally avoid windows with argon gas insulation between the panes. Instead, look for window styles with internal capillary tubes that allow internal air to flow between the panes and equalize during pressure changes. These tubes will be sealed off during installation and there are ENERGY STAR® rated options available for energy efficiency.

If you are looking for a gas-insulated window, triple-pane windows may be a viable option. While triple-pane windows may be at a slightly higher price point, they also are less likely to be damaged by the changes in pressure and are a pristine example of optimized energy technology for insulated windows.

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