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New Installation & Replacement Windows & Doors by Nex-Gen:

Modernize Your Home & Enhance Its Value

Is it time to update the windows of your home? Whether you’re building a new extension, adding new windows to an existing part of your home, or simply replacing older windows with the latest technology, it’s important to make the right choice in terms of products, aesthetic, technology, and contractor to get the results you desire from your project.

Good windows installed well can transform a mundane home into something magnificent while simultaneously dropping energy expenditures and improving security. Poor quality windows, or poorly installed windows, can do exactly the opposite—while costing nearly the same as better alternatives. With the team at Nex-Gen on your side, you can be certain you’re getting the best windows possible for your home.

To learn more or to request a window, door, or siding installation estimate, please contact Nex-Gen Windows and Doors online or dial 719-270-4494.

Benefits of Replacing Your Colorado Home’s Windows

Your windows are a weak point in the structure of your home; they’re less resilient, insulated, and secure than your walls (or door). These problems are only magnified with older windows or windows using outdated technology. And it’s hard to argue that the value of antique or historical windows outweighs the tangible benefits of upgrading to modern window technology.

Modern low-E coated windows can cut your energy costs by an astounding amount, turning your windows from the single largest source of unwanted heat movement into a structure that is barely different from your well-insulated walls.

Modern windows are also sturdy, secure, and will last for years to come, even through storms and heavy usage. Nex-Gen offers various rugged products, including Marvin Infinity replacement windows constructed with Ultrex fiberglass, a material eight times as strong as vinyl windows and far less susceptible to warping damages than vinyl or wood windows.

Signs It’s Time for Window Replacement

Not sure your home in Fountain really needs new windows? If you’re satisfied with the efficiency and sturdiness of your existing windows, consider whether any of these sound familiar:

If these problems sound familiar to you, reach out today to get a free quote for window replacement or schedule window installation in Fountain, CO.

Entry Door & Patio Door Replacement in Fountain

Are you satisfied with your current entry door or patio door? Like your windows, these play an important role in the aesthetics of your home, energy efficiency, and home security. Still, often you’ll go years or even decades without upgrading them to more modern designs and materials.

Nex-Gen offers a selection of high-end entry doors from Provia. For patio doors, we offer Infinity from Marvin sliding patio doors and inswing patio doors. Both lines are exceptional, combining versatile designs, energy efficiency, security, durability, and ease of operation.

Signs It’s Time for Door Replacement

Not sure your doors need replacing just yet? Consider whether any of these signs apply to your Fountain home:

Worried about a match? Our design team can help customize any door to make it more suitable for the existing appearance of your home.

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Nex-Gen Windows and Doors wants all of our customers to be satisfied with every component of their window or door replacement experience. To help with that, we offer it all: superior products, reliable installation, and an enduring commitment to customer service and support. We take special care to make sure you’re fully informed, and in full control of every decision, so you’ll always end up with the windows or doors you desire by the end of the project.

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