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The Future of Nex-Gen

Nex-Gen’s commitment to quality continues to fuel their growth, now and for years to come.

Nex-Gen partners with reputable national brand

Recognizing the benefits of a fiberglass product in Colorado’s climate, Brent forms a partnership with Infinity from Marvin, the window company’s innovative replacement product.

Brent steps into leadership role at Nex-Gen

Now at the helm of the business he has grown up in, Brent envisions the company moving toward innovative product solutions, more efficient installation methods, and a better customer experience. The mid-2000s are a period of rapid growth for Nex-Gen.

Recruited by national home improvement corporation

Ted relocates to Denver to open a corporate branch office and develop sales and service teams. He acquires valuable knowledge about best practices and innovative home improvement products. His young son, Brent, tags along on service calls.

Ted Rajewski starts home improvement company

Ted and partner start H-R Home Improvement, a residential and commercial roofing and siding company. The industry is expanding with the introduction of products designed to improve the look and performance of older homes. Ted is quickly known as the man who takes on tough projects.

Leaves corporation to start local company

Ted re-establishes a local business specializing in windows, doors, siding, and patio enclosures. Brent spends summers working at his dad’s company, honing his installation skills and problem-solving abilities. After college, Brent joins the company and learns first-hand every aspect of the business.