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How to Prep Your Home’s Exterior for Fall

It’s that time of year again! Beautiful changing foliage and cool, crisp breezes mean the perfect sweater weather is upon us. Just as you change your wardrobe when the leaves begin to fall, your home needs seasonal updates too! Here are some helpful tips on how to get your home ready!

5 Quick Seasonal Tips for Your Colorado Home

Trim Back Overgrown Foliage

A good seasonal trim is always a great idea when preparing your yard for the winter months! The vibrant foliage that thrived in the summer sun can quickly get out of control if left unattended from year to year. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and trim back any unnecessary growth and prune plants that are beginning to err on the side of unruly. Not only will this keep your yard pristine, but it will give you an unobstructed view of the beautiful landscape around you.

Wash Your Windows and Exterior Walls

While your annual spring cleaning may focus on your home’s interior, there is no better time than fall to brighten up the exterior! Giving your house a bath not only gives your home that fresh face-lift it deserves but also helps remove unwanted buildup and maintains the longevity of your siding. It can be as simple as using a garden hose with good water pressure or a pressure washer for more dramatic results.

Eliminate Unwanted Draft Ways

Draft points, such as windows and doors, are a common cause of moisture exposure — one of the silent and slow potential sources of damage to your home. Moisture damage can cause everything from peeling paint or electrical issues to compromised air quality and mold. Be sure that the tracks, frames, and seals of your windows and doors are clean, properly sealed, and free of any dirt or debris.

Bring Warmth to Your Outdoors

With spectacular Colorado views, it is easy to find reasons to enjoy spending time in the beautiful outdoors. A chill in the air simply means you can add a warm beverage and your favorite throw blanket while basking in the fresh fall mountain air. If you want to make the experience even more spectacular, consider adding a soothing heat feature, such as a warming lamp or fireplace, to your home’s exterior. Not only will it elevate your outdoor space, but it also adds value to your home!

Reinforce the Sealed Edges of Windows & Siding

It is always a good idea to think ahead whenever doing seasonal maintenance to your home. The frigid months of winter can have detrimental effects on old, worn-out seals and other thermal barriers throughout your home. These seals are designed to keep unwanted drafts and moisture outside, where they belong. Protect your home’s interior and check the seals around your windows, exterior siding, and doors. If you notice any cracks, hardening, or breakage, it may be time to fortify the seals by re-caulking these areas before the winter freezing cycles begin. Old, dilapidated windows and doors that simply aren’t keeping your home cozy and dry anymore may warrant a replacement.

Contact Nex-Gen Windows and Doors for Your Window Needs

When it comes to replacements for your windows and doors, you want a company that has experience with high-altitude homes. Nex-Gen Windows and Doors has products that provide both form and function, maintaining the beautiful curb appeal that you have worked so hard for with the strength and durability you can count on.

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Is A DIY Project Really Worth It?

Is A DIY Project Really Worth It?

A do-it-yourself project is a great way to save money when remodeling different parts of your home. Each year, more and more people make the trek to their local home improvement store to purchase items and the tools to install them. Kitchen cabinetry, home appliances, and windows seem to be popular DIY projects.

While we’re not against DIY projects, we believe that there are some areas that cutting corners may not be such a good idea. Windows are one them. For windows to be effective and maintain their durability over time, the proper techniques need to be implemented when fitting it into your home. Having your windows professionally installed would be the best choice.

Saving money in the short-term is appealing to those budget-minded people, but is it worth it in the long run? According to independent market studies, 65% of service-related issues for windows are due to improper installation involving shortcuts, faulty sealants and improper flashing methods.

Why Proper Installation is Important

Improper installation leads to more damages than just the window. There are other underlying issues that can arise causing more dents in your wallet that you weren’t expecting. Some of these issues can be:

  • Air Leakage: Air can leak through the window, causing your heating/cooling system to work harder at maintaining the set temperature.
  • Water leakage: Rain pelting the window can come in through cracks and gaps that weren’t properly sealed. The wooden framing will start to rot and could invite other pests, like carpenter ants, who are attracted to moist, wooded areas. They can cause a great deal of damage if they’re left unchecked.
  • Mold and Mildew: Water seeping in where you can’t see it will ultimately lead to mold and mildew. This is not only harmful to the window’s structure, but also to your health.

DIY vs. Professional Installation of Windows

Installing your windows by yourself only saves money on the installation. If you’re not an expert, you run the risk of improperly hanging the window, which will cause damage in the future. To repair the damage, it will cost you more money out of your pocket. So although DIY projects seem like an appealing way to save money, it can turn into a larger expense than doing it professionally in the first place.

A professional installer knows how to install windows with precision. At Nex-Gen Home Exteriors, we stand behind our service and will make sure your window installation is done right the first time. We take a great deal of pride in our workmanship, so we offer our Peace of Mind Protection Warranty to fix any problems that may arise due to the installation of our products. Whether you’re remodeling or in need of a few replacement windows, contact us today to experience our exceptional customer service and learn more about our window products.

Cold Weather Doors and Windows: Why Choose Them?

Cold Weather Doors and Windows: Why Choose Them?

There are a ton of choices available for windows and doors of all types. When choosing what you want for your home, there are some factors you usually keep in mind, such as size, shape, and energy efficiency. Those that live in states with particularly cold winters, you also need to consider how well these windows and doors stand up in the wintry weather conditions as well as the other seasons. Should you consider installing ones that have cold weather benefits?

Let’s explore what these cold weather windows and doors can do for you and your home.

Benefits of Cold Weather Doors and Windows

Better insulation: Double and triple pane windows offer more protection and insulation against the harsh winter winds and cold temperatures. When you are able keep the heat inside of your home, your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money.

Reducing drafts: Properly installed windows and doors will seal out any drafts. Winter, in some states, can bring some of the coldest air outside. You want to keep the cold air out and seal in the warm air so you stay toasty and warm on those cold blustery days. Some windows and doors provide durable sealing for such occasions.

Locking windows: Having the ability to lock your double-hung windows, from the inside, keeps the two sashes tightly together preventing cold air from coming through.

Storm doors: Storm doors not only keep out the rain, but they also keep the snow from seeping through. They offer an extra line of insulating protection from the cold, outside air and a bottom sweep to help prevent drafts.

Are They Worth It?

For those living in cold winter states, choosing doors and windows that offer benefits for winter weather conditions will make it worth your while. Bottom line is that you will save money in the long run, because their durability enables them to last longer and reduces the wear and tear on your heating system by improving the insulation to your home.

At Nex-Gen, we offer high-quality windows and doors that can withstand any season of the year. We want you to be comfortable and cozy during the winter months, so check out our selection of cold weather doors and windows and see what we can do for you.